MISSION STATEMENT: The Winnipeg Theatre Awards are organized by a non-profit, volunteer committee to celebrate, recognize, and acknowledge excellence in the theatre arts by presenting annual awards that reflect the diversity and depth of talent among Winnipeg’s theatre artists in production and performance.

ADVISORY COUNCIL: The people currently volunteering as Advisory Council members are Douglas Riske, Karla Berbrayer, and Jean Giguere. 

ORGANIZING COMMITTEE: The people volunteering on the Organizing Committee are responsible for organizing the event, the promotion of the event, and the annual administration activity for the event. They operate at an arm's length from the Jury, separated by the Nominations Chair. The 2016-2017 Organizing Committee volunteers were Brenda Gorlick, Kevin Longfield, Mel Marginet, Brenda McLean, Stephanie Plaitin, and Joff Schmidt.

The 2017-2018 Organizing Committee volunteers are Brenda Gorlick, Kevin Longfield, Mel Marginet, Brenda McLean, Joff Schmidt, Deb Sealey, Reba Terlson, and Sylvia Fisher.

NOMINATIONS CHAIR: The current person volunteering as Nominations Chair is Rob Hagiwara who is responsible for all adminstration and organization of the Jury.

The Winnipeg Theatre award season will run from September 1 to August 31 annually.  The awards are run by a volunteer Organizing Committee, composed of supporters of the Winnipeg Theatre Community. The Jury, composed of nine individuals, will decide the formal awards. The jury is composed of individuals with a vast background, who operate at an arm’s length from the Organizing Committee, and who will remain anonymous.