DATELINE: February 29, 2016

Winnipeg boasts a theatre scene that’s vibrant, innovative, and absolutely unique to our community. And we’d like to celebrate that artistic excellence. 

We are thrilled to announce that the Winnipeg Theatre Awards are coming to Winnipeg on November 19, 2017. A committed group of advocates and ambassadors from the community have worked together over the past year to coordinate the awards, discussing the merits, potential pitfalls, criteria and process. This team of individuals has the very best of intentions to shine a light on the Winnipeg Theatre Community at an annual event dedicated to celebrating the achievements of the past season, honouring the community’s legacy, raising the profile of the theatre community in Winnipeg, and inspiring future accomplishments. An important aspect of the Winnipeg Theatre Awards will be the Honourary Awards, which allows for recognition of those who work behind the scenes to make this community unique. Where would we be without the board members, volunteers, general managers and generous supporters? Let’s shine a spotlight on them!
We are pleased that Gail Asper has lent her support to the awards; Gail will sponsor tickets to productions for the Awards Jury, ensuring that producing companies will not be responsible for complimentary tickets. The Awards Jury are a dedicated group of volunteers with diverse backgrounds that will individually evaluate productions, and then meet as a group to pick a long list, a short list and the recipients of each category. 

Note that the Winnipeg Theatre Awards will be a temporary name. We look forward to the participation of all theatre companies, sponsors and the community in suggesting names for all categories and the official Awards’ name. 

We appreciate that you will have many questions and several concerns about an awards program in Winnipeg. We invite you to visit our Contact page to ask questions or to request clarification.