Can you help us reach our first ever fundraising goal?
You are key to ensuring the Winnipeg Theatre Awards will continue to celebrate our city's exceptional, diverse, exciting theatre community for years to come!  Be part of our first fundraising drive to raise $1,500 in donations by November 4th, when the lights go up for the second annual event!

In 2017, we celebrated the first-ever Winnipeg Theatre Awards. The goal was to create an event to shine the spotlight on the exceptional theatre community in Winnipeg. In addition to 10 awards given to outstanding theatre artists, with the WTA Honorary Awards, the community was able to pay tribute to Evelyne Anderson's remarkable career with a Lifetime Achievement Award, Joan-Lees Miller for her outstanding costuming work with the Behind the Scenes Award, and to Robin Dow and George Budoloski for their work training performers and building appreciation for the performing arts with a Theatre Educator Award.

All of the guests who were part of the full house at the West End Cultural Centre created a magical night! It was truly special to see everyone jump to their feet to applaud all of the recipients of awards throughout the evening. Winnipeg has a special, collaborative and supportive community, highlighted by the fantastic crowed gathered to celebrate. 

Let's ensure The Evies will continue for future generations of Winnipeg theatre artists!

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