Q: Why do we need awards?

To celebrate the accomplishments of our theatre artists. Winnipeg is one of the very few major cities in Canada that does not celebrate theatrical excellence with awards, and we wanted to change that.  Any theatre-maker in this day & age benefits from having an award on their resume, as it lends credibility to their craft when a body of distinguished peers publicly proclaims their excellence.

Q: Who's behind this? 

A: The Organizing Committee as of June 1, 2016 consists of Joff Schmidt, Chair; Brenda Gorlick , Kevin Longfield, Mel Marginet, and Stephanie Plaitin. They exist as a means to get the awards up & running for its first year, and to recruit community members that will help with future years. The Board is Deb Sealey, Douglas Riske, Jean Giguere, and Karla Berbreyer.

Q: Is there any conflict of interest among the people who are organizing WTA?

A: The Organizing Committee thus far has joined together as a way to make things happen in the short term. We're a small city with an incredible diverse theatre scene, so it's challenging to get anything like this going without some people involved who are tied to a theatre company. We are very open to new committee members. In the long-term we look forward to having an arm’s length entity to help organize the WTA overall. If there are any individuals who would like to be part of the organizing committee, they would be most welcome. We trust that they, too, would wear hats of impartiality and integrity when helping out. Most importantly, we went to great lengths to assemble a jury that would represent a diverse array of impartiality and fair-mindedness. 

Q: Who chooses the award winners?

A: A panel of jurors for the November 2017 Awards has already been selected, and will remain anonymous. They have been chosen with great care and consideration, and contain a wide range of diversity: professional theatre administrators, young theatre writers, committed theatre volunteers and patrons, musical theatre experts, and cultural commentators. 

Q:Who funds the tickets for the jurors?

A: To ensure theatre companies are not out of pocket, the Organizing Committee has secured sponsorship from Gail Asper to pay for juror’s tickets. 

Q:Who is eligible for the awards?

A: See our Production Eligibility section.

Q: What's the timeline for the inaugural Winnipeg Theatre Awards?

A: The first Winnipeg Theatre Awards will celebrate shows mounted between Sept 1, 2016 and August 31, 2017. The first awards will be presented Sunday November 12th at the West End Cultural Centre.

Q: How can I get involved?

A: Drop us a line through our Contact page!

Q: Will there ever be more categories for awards?

A: One day, yes! As the awards develop and new arts community members get involved, the awards can broaden in a variety of directions. For now, we wanted to keep it simple and manageable.

Q: Who and what is the Nominations Chair?

A: The Nominations Chair acts as an arms’ length liaison between the Organizing Committee and the Jury. They are responsible for coordinating reporting materials for the Awards Jury. They will work with the Winnipeg’s theatres to ensure nominations meet the nominating standards. The current Nominations Chair is Rob Hagiwara.